Refund/Exchanges policy:

Contact us within 14 days of receiving your item, we will provide a return address and inspect the item upon arrival. If the return is accepted a full refund will be issued. 

All Refund/Exchange inquiries will need to be forwarded via email to:

Refund eligibility:

Full refunds are only eligible if the candle arrives snapped in half or severely damaged.

This needs to be brought to our attention within 24 hours of receiving the item, we will review and come to a resolution. The damaged item will need to be shipped back to us with shipment costs covered on your behalf in order for a full refund to be processed. If you’re unable to ship the item back to us on your own accord, we are able to offer a partial refund of the price you paid for the item (Not shipping).


Partial refunds can be offered if:

An item is missing or the wrong item is received.


What is NOT eligible for a refund:


-If the item was at sale price or a discount was used  when purchasing a refund cannot be offered, as these sales are FINAL.


-If the item arrives with small imperfections such as: Tiny Holes, Frosting, Indentation from moulds or Colour discolouration. A refund CANNOT be processed as this disclaimer is communicated to all customers prior to purchasing.


-If the item arrives in the condition written in the product description and you’re not happy with it. A refund CANNOT be offered only an exchange. The item will need to be shipped back to us with shipment costs covered on your behalf. Once received an exchange can be processed and we will ship a replacement item.